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Meet our Doulas!

Our team is comprised of many wonderful doulas who are here to make your birth a special and memorable day. They are all DONA International trained doulas (DONA is the largest doula certifying organization in the world). Our Birth Doula Program doulas also have additional training in preparation for working on this special program. You can rest assured you are in good hands.

Our doulas work on a 24 hour on-call schedule and there is one assigned for every day of the month. Once you are booked into our program, you will be provided with the schedule so you know who to call 24/7 if you have worries, questions, or for when you are in labour and ready for the doula to come and meet you.

  • Stefanie Antunes

    Program Founder

    After the dramatic difference between my first and second bi
  • Rosie Ghasempour


    I am a DONA-trained and certified doula serving Toronto and
  • Helena Neault McMann

    Executive Director

    I am Mother to three incredible kids, wife of over 13 yrs an
  • Jessica Meneses


    After studying languages at York University, I made the deci